Server Rules and Regulations [Updated: 7/19]

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Server Rules and Regulations [Updated: 7/19] Empty Server Rules and Regulations [Updated: 7/19]

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:30 pm

This is a list of the basic rules of the server. This can be and more then likely will be updated at any time. So check in often for updates.

Let's start right from the top.

If you continuously feel the urge to flood forums with random idiocity, going off-topic all the time there will be warnings and then short bans and ur topics for ranks will be deleted, thus demoted. If you continue to do this after your warning and ban, your ban will be lengthened by a lot.

There is absolutely no excuse for why you should be hacking. If you are caught hacking you will be warned with a Kick, followed by a ban if you continue to do it. Don't try to excuse it as lag or some random bug, cause if it's obvious you are hacking, you are going to be punished for it.

Any use of in-game bugs that you are completely aware of and know for a fact are bugs will not be tolerated. If it's a bug, report it on these forums so that we can get to it and fix it. Don't go using it to your advantage, whether it be over players or just bosses and monsters in general. Any abuse of bugs will resolve in a kick, followed by a ban if you are caught doing it again.

The staff is here to help you, but we can't help you if you are going to be fighting with us. There is no reason why you should ever talk down upon anyone in general so it will not be tolerated. We are trying to build a friendly community here for everyone to enjoy and fighting with each other will not accomplish that. If you have an issue with a player, let a GM know and perhaps they can help you with it. If you have an issue with a GM, post it on the forums and we will try to help resolve that as well. Cursing at GM's isn't going to get you anywhere and isn't going to make them help you any faster. Be patient, just as they are being patient with you. Continual GM disrespect will be punished accordingly.

When it comes to the Looking for Group channel on any of the Fun Realms, please refrain from rude behavior. Cursing and fighting is not going to get you anywhere and refrain from going there. Spamming random pointless things isn't going to accomplish anything either and you risk getting muted for it. Caps Lock is not cruise control for cool and is not going to get a point across more then regular typing so don't do it. Breaking any of these rules can result in a kick or a mute. In severe cases, a ban if the player continues to violate the rules.

This is a rising issue with many players, if you do not know how to do it, don't ask for directions. If you know how to do it, don't do it. There is very few cases where this is allowed and most of the time you will be asked to stop doing it by a staff member if you are caught using it. Violating this can result in a kick, and if continued could lead to a ban.

EVENTS - Added 4/15/09 -
In a case of an event being held by GM or multiple GMs, make sure to follow the rules outlined by the GM in charge. If you fail to do so, you risk being discharged from the event and possible excluded from future events by the GMs. Remember that the GM is taking his private time and holding an event for you to enjoy and have fun with, they are not required to hold events, but most are happy to do so. Begging for an event is not going to make one happen or make it come even faster. Be patient and when thew Gm is free to do one, he will hold the Event.


Any player caught or reported impersonating a staff member even as a joke will be warned once upon doing so or report. Once they warning has been issued a kick will be the next step. If the player continues they will be banned. If the player impersonating a gm begins to use threats toward other players the will receive an instant 1-2 day ban depending on GM or situation where they may contemplate over what they did. The reason this is an issue there are new players coming to this server everyday. If someone joins they never know if it truly is a GM or not. Also No GM will say this "I'm a GM this is my alt you mess with me I'll ban you" or anything stupid like this. If you hear this it's not a GM.

This is a small run down of the rules for now. Other Staff members might add on to this. Use it as a guidelines for now, since I have seen few ask for some rules to be outlined.

That is all for now.

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