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Nihao Evolution - Portal EmptyWed May 25, 2011 5:33 am by SilentDie

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» Happy birthday Deavelleye :>
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Hd Images Is_safe:1

Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:03 am by Anonymous

Go MM\'KAY yourself

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Project Nihao Revolution

Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:06 am by Your Life

Me and a techy friend of mine one day had a thought about making some kind of game server, he had periviously made a garry's mod server but said he didnt like it, so i said why don't me and you make a wow server. so yesterday i worked on making a functioning server right now ppl can connect but it has no online account maker i would have to make you one. Now i thought to my self Nihao was the …

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Nihao Server!!!

Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:28 pm by Panda

I don't wanna get anyones hopes up, but there is a possibility the server may be up soon. If you haven't noticed yet, the home page has changed slightly, it now states that is now supports wow version 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. It's looking optimistic. So idk if it is up or not yet, but i'm willing to update and find out, and if it is i'll post here. Just hang on a little longer ppls Razz

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Ventrilo Server

Sun Apr 12, 2009 12:57 pm by Pure

Again, as always, Thanks to Deav we now have a vent server

Just download -->

Go to-->
Nihao Evolution - Portal Ventri12
And click on the (->) tab to the side of Username, then create a username for yourself(Probably your character's name would work best)

After that go to the Server


port: …

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Brand new videos about nihao come and get them XD

Tue Jun 16, 2009 6:57 pm by Futurama

I made a new video on youtube i hope you all like it i'm gonna be making a lot of videos about nihao the more videos the more people will come, also changed my youtube channel and added new videos so heres the links: (made it long time ago)

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Since WE can't reply on 3.0.9.....

Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:28 pm by Sagon

now this is just me...but POSSIBLY..just POSSIBLY, can ur cpu host the 2.4.3 server since you did could. If not, HELLO 3.0.9 *sigh* at least LOS and other stuff works!! also no offense ghadar's got a point.....(plz don't hurt me)

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Leaving Server..

Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:55 am by kocopuffs3

Hey guys, sorry to say im leaving server aswell, would have loved to stay loved the server.. but i will not go to wotlk or up my patches.. I had a great time had fun with all of you but its time to go.. So if you need me i may be on MSN but not as much, if the server goes back down to 2.4.3 i would come back but i probly going to take a huge breakl from wow because it just takes up to much time …

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i have problems to ugrade patch

Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:28 pm by therangerzz

i just got on again (still on cruise im on island i dont know how to say it english but anyway...) and i saw tat its was changed to 3.0.9 and i would like to know wat easyest way to upgrade patch

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Another Vid.

Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:54 am by Pure

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